Select Cabinetry & Design is a Kitchen Design firm that builds on a connection between user and space, ultimately transforming your everyday life and leaving you with a kitchen that will inspire you all the days ahead! To achieve this interactive and exceptional project experience, we offer a full line of cabinetry  and countertops for kitchen, bath and other rooms in your home.  Select Cabinetry teams up with local businesses and contractors to provide you with all the products and services you will need for your new construction or remodeling experience.  Eliminate the headache of running around and let us be your your connection! 

    • Project Consultation
    • Budget Analysis
    • Design
    • Product Research & Industry Knowledge
    • Project Management


Below you will find the important steps we take to ensure project success.  These important steps define and describe the work and process of Select Cabinetry and Design.  Paying attention to detail and getting to know our client is very important to us.  Please read below to learn more about how we work.  This will help prepare you prior to our first appointment and help lay the foundation of the journey that is to come!

What is Select......



Gather ideas – Meet Designer – Budget Preparation

We prefer to work on an appointment basis so that we can provide you with the dedicated one-on-one time your project deserves. Our studio is open for walk-ins on select days of the week.  You can set up an appointment while in the studio, or you can call to setup an appointment prior to your visit.

During your visit, we invite you to walk through our design displays and experience other products first hand. Our designer will want to spend time discussing your project and sharing with you our services, specialties and distinguishing characteristics.

The purchase of a new kitchen or bath represents a sizable investment. When purchasing a new car, you’re pricing a product that you can see what it looks like and you can test drive it to see how it feels. When you purchase a new kitchen or bath, you are buying much more than a product; you are buying services that entail design, expertise, product, processes, project management and installation services.

Time: please allow 15-60 min.  In person or over the phone

Costs: None. This initial visit is important to you and your designer to ensure the value and benefits that our firm provides are a good fit!

A look at the process......



1. Meet & Greet
2. Getting to know YOU... Space & Needs Assessment

Needs/Wants analysis – Measurements – Budgetary and Space Constraints


Documents we will utilize in this phase: Planning Survey, How to Houzz Doc, How to Pinterest Doc

Following a visit with us in the showroom, we will set up a visit in your home. Prior to the home visit you will be given a direction on preparing a few things to review during your visit with you and your designer:

• Collect Ideas: Using magazines and the internet, collect ideas and information of kitchens and/or baths that appeal to you. Pay attention to: styles, layouts, functional features like interior cabinet accessories, architectural features, and the mix of materials and finishes. Make sure you share these with other family members to understand their preferences.  Consider using Houzz or Pinterest as this is a helpful tool that will allow you and your designer to collaborate online.  

• Develop two lists; (1) a needs list and (2) a wish list. Prioritize each list.

• Create a Budget and determine investment: This is the starting point for any project! This may be the most difficult step, but it’s an important one that deserves your attention upfront for two reasons: (1) it will determine the project feasibility and prevent you from over-spending and (2) it will enable your designer to engineer the greatest value into your project.

During the home visit, we will review your planning details and discuss your own unique needs to explore the possibilities available. Upon reviewing the initial project scope we will provide you with a project investment range to gauge feasibility of your project relative to your designated budget.

To illustrate the look of your remodeled space, we may make some sketches and take pictures to assist in the proposal presentation.

Much like a diagnosis from a doctor for a medical condition; if the examination is thorough, the diagnosis will be insightful and credible, and the manner is caring and positive – you are confident this is the right person to help you.


Time: please allow 60-90 min.

Costs: None.  We feel this is a very important step in order to ensure project success and do not charge for this time investment.

3. Concept & Project Feasibility


Rough Concepts - Ballpark Estimate - Define Project Scope


Documents we will utilize in this phase: project scope, prelim drawings, budget estimate sheet

After the home visit, your designer will have a thorough understanding of your project and the design possibilities to pair an approach that is feasible for the investment you have decided. Your designer will combine all of the analysis based on your visits and translate the ideas and information into a specific project proposal and investment.

Your designer will then schedule a meeting to present you with an initial proposal. This meeting is held in the design studio and is meant to translate these ideas into a project scope of work, rough concepts and written proposal.  No drawings will be released until the project contract has been signed.

After reviewing the initial proposal, you will be ready to explore additional cost alternatives or variations to your plan, and ultimately see these concepts and design ideas come to life.  At this point, we will bring in a contractor to bid the labor and other subcontracting work involved.  We are happy to connect you with the contractor that will fit your project or we will work with whom you prefer.


Time: please allow 60-90 + min.  Exact length is project pending and will be discussed when scheduling appointment.

Costs: Up to this point, there is no cost to you, however at this juncture we ask our clients for a project commitment. This commitment allows us to spend valuable time further developing your project.  The first step after agreeing to move forward includes: ordering a personal door sample of your selection, arrange contractor visit for initial or final labor costs, and start to prepare technical drawings for the next appointment.   A minimum of 200.00 will be billed if the project is canceled before the next appointment.  This cost covers the material and time involved in making this first step. 

4. Details.. Comprehensive Design

Theme – Design – Floor Plans – Depict Material List – Color Selections)


From this point on, you and your designer will set a series of design meetings that will include a comprehensive set of plans, elevations, detailed material list, cabinet style(s), wood species, finishes, fixtures, design themes, colors, etc. Here you will have the opportunity to see your proposal detailing every aspect of your project.

Consistent and open communication between you and your designer will enhance your understanding of the process, provide an opportunity to exchange ideas and ultimately empower you to make intelligent decisions.

Successful projects are a result of scheduled and organized meetings with our clients in order to provide you with options and education on products and finishes to make your dreams a reality.


Time: varies, will be determined based on project and meeting goals.

Costs: A project log is started during this step and billed out at a rate of $75.00 per hour if the project is canceled any time during or after this step.  All in all, you will not be charged a design fee on top of product costs if you continue through with purchasing product.  Our services are included when product is purchased but billable when it is not

5. The Finishing Touches

Contract Execution – Project Schedule – Delivery/Payment Schedule


Document we will utilize in this phases: sign-off sheets, sales agreement, final drawings

Once the plans, specifications, and budget are finalized, it is time to execute the contract. Because every remodeling project is different, we will prepare a contract agreement that will clearly define the requirements of your project. This agreement has several purposes:

* It will define your project beyond legal ramifications. The contract formally expresses terms mutually agreed upon concerning scope of work, responsibilities, price and materials, as well as other items.
* It addresses how payments will be scheduled, invoiced, and paid.
* It addresses how change orders are to be handled.
* It assigns responsibility for providing particular items and specifying which items are not included in the scope of work.

Time: varies, will be determined based on project and meeting goals.

Costs: 50% down will be required at sign-off.


Project Management- Product Selection- Scheduling- Installation Services


The time has come to Bring Your Dreams to Life! Your project will then be scheduled, products ordered, and processes set forth to execute on the weeks of planning spent together.

The installation will not start until your cabinetry and additional products have arrived. During the time of ordering, your designer will prepare the required documentation and hold pre-construction meetings with the installers to properly prepare for the transformation.

Installing your project properly involves coordinating and controlling all of the details, many of them are "behind-the-scenes" procedures and labor-intensive efforts to ensure the success of your project. These intangibles deliver you the full performance potential and is why working with a professional designer allows you to maximize your investment and experience.

The contractor along with Select will team up and will facilitate the entire production, staying in close communication with you the whole way.  With the work of a team, organized set of plans and goals, and constant communication your investment becomes a great experience!

6. Installation